My Running Adventures

KP  So this past winter I began my adventure with some light running.  I tried to stay consistent and get in about 3 days a week running on average between 2 and 4 miles each time.  I’ve continue that routinely now for about 4 or 5 months.  I have been using Nike+, can see my progress there, to keep track of my runs as well.  My original goal was to add another area of exercise to my routine and see if I felt comfortable enough with the running to do more.  About a week or so ago I ran in my first 5K.

This first run was the Martian Meteor 5K run.  It was a bit scary at first. Luckily good friend Sam was running a 1/2 marathon that day which made it a bit easier chatting with him pre-run time.  It was a staggeringly cold morning I will say.  At least for me.  That was the first time that I had run anything outdoors.  I’d not once step foot on the pavement to see how my body would react, if at all differently. I’d been running on the indoor track at the local high school each morning in a wonderfully controlled environment. :)  My results can be seen here directly for the overall.


My results were pretty good. I ended up running the 5K in 24:57 minutes. Averaged 8:02 minute miles.  In the end came in 7th overall for my age group and 51st overall.  First time out was very satisfied with the results.  It was definitely a new experience.  Sitting at the starting line, was back in the pack more and had to do some maneuvering to get out into open space to actually get moving initially and get into a rhythm.  I would consider getting more to the front in the future, but not right out in front.

My 2nd run is coming up.  Heart of A Spartan in East Lansing, Michigan. My Alma Mater, Michigan State University is where the run will be done.  I will be upping the ante this time around and running a 10K.  Figured I should be able to make that distance, even though have only yet to run it once.  But have faith that I can certainly get through it.  Whether I can keep a satisfactory pace we shall see. Goal is to finish under an hour, but looking closer to 50-53 minutes as a time that I will be happier with. 

I’ll be updating after the race with how it goes.  Sticking to a plan and hopefully executes well.  I will say that me doing any running wouldn’t be possible without doing the BeachBody Insanity program and continuing to stick with my workout program. Contact me if interested or have any questions.

Decide.Commit. Succeed. 

Insanity Complete – Fit Test # 5 results and Insanity After Thoughts


insanityImage3 Yep, all done. Finished! I am ready for the straight jacket after those past 60 days.  I had fun, I was motivated, i was challenged and I was pushed harder than I personally have been pushed before.  The workout’s did what they said and that was to exhaust you and make you sweat!  All in all that was a great overall Fitness Program designed by BeachBody and Shaun Thompson.


Final Day Video update is here.  Quick note  that I wanted to give a shout out to my followers on YouTube.  You have been great to watch and follow as well through your journeys!  Excited to see what lies ahead for you and your final results with all your fitness journeys!

Insanity, a Max Interval Training workout program is designed to push you to your limits. Designed to make you dig deeper than you’ve ever done before in any workout program.  It will increase your endurance, increase your overall cardio levels. To better understand why Insanity works, follow the URL above about Max Interval Training.

Did it do it’s job?  I would have to say yes, 100%. I came into insanity with 3 goals in mind and all were accomplished.

1. I wanted to increase my endurance. 
2. I wanted to tone up
3. I wanted to maintain my current weight level with minimal reduction.

So lets look at Fit Test #5 results (Final Column is % increase from Fit #1 –> Fit Test #5:

Exercise Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2 Fit Test 3 Fit Test 4 Fit Test 5 Final Increase %
Switch Kicks 51 120 138 145 151 196%
Power Jacks 59 63 69 75 78 32%
Power Knees 86 119 127 134 136 58%
Power Jumps 35 38 54 64 75 114%
Globe Jumps 9 10 11 12 13 44%
Suicide Jumps 17 19 20 23 24 41%
Push-Up Jacks 26 34 31 35 40 54%
Low Plank Oblique 52 63 68 77 80 54%


Other Measurements:

Statistic's Before (July 19, 09) After (Sept 22, 09)
Weight 158 155
Waist 34 33
Body Fat % 18.6 16.5
Chest 42 40
Hip 36.5 36
Leg 20 21
arms 12 13


Lessons Learned?

The one area that I would like to focus on, and I tried with Insanity as well is the nutrition side.  I need to look at closer again and get back to following my eating habits to see where i can change things. I learned that You have to push yourself at every turn if you want to be successful with this program.  Eat right, fuel that body as it should.  With the expenditures of sweat, you will want to use a Recovery drink to assist after your workout so that you are less sore, more apt to recover appropriately the next day and will help bring your energy levels back  up and get your blood sugar levels where they need to be. No if/ands/butts!  Hydrate through the day and you’ll be in great shape come workout time.

Final Thoughts!

Would I do another round of Insanity? Yes!  I loved the way the program is designed and the way it increases your cardio capabilities.  It works at the job it is intended to do.  I still have a ways to go to reach one of my goals of 10% body fat and I will continue to work towards that.  Down 2% during Insanity and I think that is great.   If you are up for a challenge, I highly, and I do mean highly recommend Insanity.  it is an awesome program that delivers on it’s promise. It’s been years since I’ve have been in this good of shape cardio and endurance wise.  Get over your obstacles that may be holding you back.  Take a chance! Live life, don’t sit back and watch it go by!

What’s Next?

Still debating and will post it soon, but this week I will be doing a mix of workouts from P90x, TH 1on1 (volume 1 and 2) and insanity.   This will probably be my next ‘program’, just not sure of the structure and for how long.   I will be anxiously awaiting to see RevAbs full program when it gets closer and more information is out.  I would like to see if that will work for reaching my goals as well. Watch for more updates, look forward to working with you on your programs (p90x, insanity, chalean extreme, turbo Jam, slim in 6, Tony Horton 10 Minute trainer). Interested in something contact me, would love to chat and get you going.  Continue to watch for me in WOWY each night around 9pm EST, buddyName KevinPrice.

KP is out! Stay fit!

Day 62 of 63 Insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs


digDeepImage1 Alright folks, here it is.  The last and final workout of my first go at Insanity challenge.  Only thing left is the Fit Test tomorrow, which ok is a workout in and of itself, but you all know what I mean. :).   I love cardio endurance, I love the entire Max interval circuit style that Insanity has brought to us all to enjoy.  Haven’t seen anything like it and don’t think we will for a while until Carl and BeachBody decide to take things up another notch. I’m sure they have something up their sleeves.   Insanities Max Cardio Conditioning will NOT disappoint you cardio fans!

Video Update for day 62 is here.


You’ll find yourself totally drenched by the end of the 47 minute cardio routine and your abs feeling tighter than ever after the 16 minute cardio abs.  I’ve felt myself get stronger in both workouts through the past 4 weeks.  This is a great sign that they have worked as expected.   At least in my eyes.  Ideally if you are showing progress, feeling better, more energy each day, feeling stronger and ready to take on the world then something is truly working right. 

Tip: Take each of these workout’s and break them down into little units. each exercise is a unit. Focus on that unit, push yourself each unit and make sure you have dug deep!  You’ll find that you are more likely to push yourself harder thinking of each unit as the only unit left. By the end, you should be completely and utterly exhausted using this method.  Your results will shoot up!

If you are interested in Insanity, if you are pondering insanity, if you are even remotely thinking about it, contact me.  if you feel ready then go ahead and buy it here.  I would love to see you start the challenge if you are ready for it.  It works, it is challenging it will get you the results your looking for.  Make sure you set some goals, focus on what is important about the workout and commit yourself to the 60 days.  You won’t regret it.   I would love to coach you from day 1 through day x of any program you are doing. I enjoy helping others get motivated and excited to tackle their workouts.  You have questions, I'll either have answers or will do my best to get them so you can focus on the task at hand and that is getting fit and healthy!

Join me each night in WOWY, where I add accountability to myself.  Love to have you join me. BuddyName: KevinPrice.   The more accountability the more likely that you and me both will succeed at reaching our goals and keeping ourselves motivated throughout our fitness journeys.

KP is out! Stay Fit!

Day 61 of 63 Insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Interval Plyo

insaneMan This was a great Saturday morning workout for me.  I woke up early, didn’t eat anything, did get in about 16 ounces of water in the 1/2 hour before i started.  I typically eat first thing  in the morning because by then I am starving and need the fuel, but on Saturdays and Sunday’s that I am at home to workout early in the morning I will wait.   So the workout was the Max Interval Plyo.  A great plyometric workout that hits you in ever area you would expect and then some.

Video Update for Day 61 is here.

You will find yourself doing a good # of pushup’s which I really have grown to enjoy. Level 3 drills have become ‘standard’ rather than the exception and me cursing Shaun Thompson as I did back in the beginning with level 1 and then level 2 drills has subsided.  Yet he still get’s the occasional. ‘come on, how you expect me to do that.’ kind of remark. But I love the program and what it has done for me so far.  And as always lots and lots of jumping in some fashion. :). Even during the pushups.  It wouldn’t be a Plyometric workout without them!

Some Quotes I’ve come to link during Month 2 and Insanity Max interval Plyo:

  • “stay strong. last time, your going to do this exercise in this workout today. so push yourself.”
  • “See the determination, i want you to have that determination”
  • “Challenge you to make yourself stronger through the stretches”
  • “You have to do what you can do, don’t try to do what we are trying to do on here, as much as we do, do what you can , and you’ll do good.”

So as I near the final 2 days I ponder where the time has gone.  It has flown by quickly.  When I started the Max workout’s, at first it felt like they would never end.  But it’s been great fun, digging in each and every day/night to get results.  That is what it takes to really reach your potential.  Set goals, make the decision to commit to your workouts and be consistent.  That consistency is what will pay off in the end.  Find way to make yourself truly motivated to bring it each and every workout you do no matter what it is, and you’ll find that you have accomplished everything you want. 

Is Insanity in your future? Not sure, you tell me.  I have found that Insanity is a great cardio based home fitness workout program that pushes you to limits you probably didn’t know you had. It will aid in your goals of getting the endurance you always wanted, it will aid in every single sports program you do on a daily basis and your daily life.  The returns you’ll get on doing a program like Insanity out weight anything you would get in going to a gym and sitting on a treadmill or an exercise bike trying to get in some cardio type workout.  Hand’s down will blow it away.  Why does it work?  Max Interval Training.  Read my information on it here.  I think you’ll find that it is truly

If you would like information on Insanity, contact me.  If you are ready for the challenge, contact me.  If you are remotely interested in getting in shape and off the couch this fall (yep, new fall shows start this week), contact me.  I want to help get you into shape this fall/winter because this is the time of season that we all tend to slow down and not focus on what we should be and that is our health. I’m game if you are to push each other to our physical and mental limits each and everyday.  I want to get you on track to a healthy lifestyle and fitness path. 

So join me in WOWY for accountability.  I’m there most nights at 9pm week days and mornings on the weekends.   BuddyName: KevinPrice.

KP is out.  Stay fit!


Day 60 of 63 (yep, really) Insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Core Cardio and Balance

insanityImage3 Ok. So the book says 60 days. The pamphlets, the videos, the media hype, the infomercials, everything says 60 days.  But in reality it is 63 days for the total program.  I’m wondering if certain days are counted. Maybe the first and last days because they are fit tests. Who knows.  But it really doesn’t matter, because your in it to get fit.  Don’t matter how many days it takes because your not stopping on day 6x are you? I certainly hope not.  Here is a link to some programs for when your finished.  Take a look and if interested contact me.

Video update for Day 59/60 is here.


So day 60 is Insanity Core Cardio and Balance.  Now the reason I am doing that workout is because I don't own the deluxe version.    The deluxe version has 3 additional workout’s and one of those workouts, Max Interval Sports training would replace this one I did.  Yep, I am a slacker because I’ve heard only great things about these workouts and I don’t own them, yet. So technically you could swap out with one of the other days, but I have been holding true to the routine and doing this workout each time it is on my schedule. 

Core Cardio and Balance is a great workout still.  It does get your heart rate going, you still get a good calorie burn, but its not the high intensity that the other Max Interval workout’s are. You’ll find it a great recovery day workout to help you finish the rest of the week out.  

I want to say that I’ve had some fun over the past 60 days with Insanity and I think you can to.  If you are interested in getting insanity then follow this link.  If you are interested in any beachbody program than contact me and lets find the right fit for you.  The best part is that you are making a conscious decision to start down a wonderful path to a new lifestyle that is filled with energy and filled with healthy choices.  In the end you and your family will be that much better off.  Plus, if you are excited about working out like I am, then think about becoming a BeachBody Coach.  Great discounts, unlimited income potential and you will be helping others by sharing your story.  That’s what it is about. Helping one person at a time get into shape and change the problems that are facing our world today with Obesity.

It can only happen with you getting involved and sharing your stories. I’m sharing mine and will continue to do so each day, each week as I find new adventures and challenges ahead.  Insanity has been my latest adventure that I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a kick in the butt.  I’ve done 2 rounds of P90x and it was my life changer. It got me started down this road and I wouldn’t dream of going back now.

So contact me (call me, twitter, facebook, IM) it doesn’t matter. I’m open from all avenues to assist you in making the right decision to get healthy.  I love to talk about it, I love to help others find the right program and determine their goals and dreams.

KP is out.  Peace!

Day 59 of 60 insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Interval Circuit


insanityTextBox A great workout! Something was clicking as I was just drenched during this workout this time.  I still love at the beginning of the workout when Shaun T. says  “are you ready to get insane?  This is Insanity Max Interval circuit and it is gonna kick your butt!”.   One of those things that gets you excited about what's to come during the 59 minutes of circuit training.  I must say, that 10 months ago, I would not be saying I was excited to be doing a workout program that pushed myself as much as Insanity does.  I owe that change to BeachBody and my decision to do the right thing and change my lifestyle!

Video Update for day 59 is here.

Those just starting out in Insanity, the max interval workout’s are tough.  You come across them in Month 2, and they are designed to takes things up a few notches from Month 1. They are longer, harder but fun as Heck.  Shaun T. gets you excited, gets you motivated to push yourself and dig deep.  Cliché as it sounds, but it works.  You have to get yourself into the game mentally from the first minute of the first exercise of the first day through insanity.  By committing yourself and leaving yourself on the table each and everyday day is where you’ll find the results in the end.  Circuit program is fast paced, high calorie burning, core burning craziness. 

Favorite Quotes during Circuit Program:

  • “I’m here to train you and kick your butt today. And I'm not playing.”
  • “You gotta be in it.  You gotta be ready. Because we are going for it now. I want you to push yourself as hard as you can do it.”

So let’s get excited people.  There’s a workout program, Insanity, that is designed to get you in incredible shape.  And guess what?  You can do it.  it’s tough, it’s challenging, it’s going to kick your butt!  But the best part about it in 60 days, you’ll be happy you started. You’ll be amazed at the results and will be showing off to everyone you know what has happened to you.  Come talk to me about your fitness goals and I would love to help coach you through your Insanity challenge or any other BeachBody program.  They work and they get results. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the media and TV blitz about getting into shape? We are in a fight people.  We are fighting the plaque that has come across our nation/world with Obesity.  Do you want to see yourself fall upon ill health? Do you want to see your children end up the way we have by not taking care of our bodies and health? I certainly don’t.  There is too much at stake not to take the first step and decide to make a change.  Second contact me so I can help find a program that is suitable for your fitness level.  Then commit by purchasing one.  I will coach you throughout helping to keep you motivated and excited.  Lastly, succeed when you reach day 60, day 90, the end of the program and see the amazing results!

Just take a moment and think about it. On the bubble, any questions about anything, ask me by contacting me

Day 58 of 60 Insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs


insanityImage3 We can see the mold reshaping itself ever so slightly day by day.  The reconfiguration of the mind, body and soul began a mere 2 months ago.  What are we seeing happen right before our eyes? It’s called our health. It’s called our body’s becoming something that we have dreamed about, desired but hadn’t stepped up to the challenge until now.   I’ve had a great challenge so far with Insanity.  Just wrapped up day 58 of 60 (actually 63), Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs.  But who’s counting. The #’s are trivial. It’s the results and how you feel that counts.

My video update for day 58 is here.


Day 58 is as I mentioned Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs.  A wonderful endurance and stamina type workout that goes for around 47 minutes. You get to push yourself to see how good your endurance is.  Does it work? I think so. :).  Am I a bit biased? Maybe.  But that’s because I know it works.   Do you play any sports? Are you looking to be able to play outside with your children or do more than you can now?  That’s what this is about.  Each day I look at the things around me and say I want to make sure I am here to keep having fun and to just enjoy life for what it has to offer! Cardio Conditioning to me is great for this because it helps build that endurance that is required to be active for longer durations of time.  I’ve noticed personally a huge difference in my ability to do activities much longer without ever getting tired.   You have to love a Challenge. It is here!

Couple quotes, from the man Shaun Thompson, I like from the Max Cardio Conditioning workout:

  • Embrace this.  Cuz this is what is about to happen to your body is completely ‘insane’
  • Now really enjoy this, because in 30 seconds, we’re going crazy.  Were gonna get ‘insane’ again.

So let’s start the day off right and get excited about our becoming the best we can be both mentally and physically.  I love new found challenges and I think you will too.  Insanity is a great workout program that challenges you and will get you in shape. All you need is yourself!  Contact me, and lets get you started.  You can also grab it directly from, base version, deluxe version, those links.if you know you are ready to go.  Any questions, just drop me a line and we’ll get you answers! As usual, I workout most nights @ 9pm EST. Join me in WOWY.  Love to have you there.  BuddyName: KevinPrice

If you have gone through Insanity, P90x or other BeachBody products and interested in becoming a coach, let me know. I can fill you in on the details.  You can also go right on over here to sign up if ready.

KP is out! Peace!

Day 56/57 of 60 Insanity Challenge by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Interval Plyo and Rest Day


digDeepImage1 Are we having fun yet folks? You better be.  Let’s get excited about our health, fitness and desire to turn around our lifestyles.  We got nothing holding us back!  Our time is now! No better day than today to make a conscious decision to take control of our futures!  Don’t let anything hold you back. Get Motivated!

Video Update for day 56/57 of Insanity is Here.



Day 56 and 57 of Insanity. Crazy to be saying that since it is slowly coming to an end my first round of it.  I’m excited to get wrap it up and begin the next journey whatever that will entail.  Watch for my new schedule sometime this weekend.  Still putting some final touches on it.

Day 56 well simply was my rest day.  And i was happy to use it.  Was actually in bed quite early that night and was happy I was.   Been a long week previously and was glad to get some down time. I knew that the final week was going to be tough because I want to really push myself.

Day 57 was the wonderful Max Interval Plyo.  It gets your heart pumping, your quads on fire and there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t do different because you enjoy the pain, you enjoy the challenge that Insanity has presented to you.  It’s like no other so embrace it and dig deep and shape the body you want.  Make it happen people!  There is no stopping us insaniacs!!!!!

If you haven’t done any Plyo type workout’s before, you will be in for an incredibly hard workout.  But they are fun.  Shaun T. really gets you going throughout this one, keeps you motivated which is important.  I have learned to enjoy plyo a lot since doing Plyometrics in P90x.  Any ever enjoy doing the guitar jump? That was one exercise I didn’t.


So if your interested in Insanity, which if you are up for a new challenge or any kind of challenge then you should be.  I would love to help get you started on this awesome challenge. Contact Me with any questions.  Sign up over here to get a free BeachBody account.  Then head over here to grab Insanity.  You won’t regret this decision. It is the ultimate in fun and best workout program I’ve found to get the body in great shape and push you both mentally and physically. You can follow me daily in WOWY where I keep myself accountable. Sign up and let’s keep each other on track.  BuddyName: KevinPrice.


KP is out. Peace!

What’s so special about the CORE muscle group?


abs-main_Full When you stand up, sit down, run, walk, lean over, or whatever movement you do it all stems from your ‘core’.  The core is the region of your body that helps to maintain your balance, coordination, posture and stability.  All sports activities (swim, bike, run, soccer, tennis,  you name it) utilize those core area muscles and it is important to have a strong core that helps to reduce potential lower back pain and  muscle injuries.

What exactly makes up the ‘core’ muscle group?

When most people hear the word core they think of the abs only. Most think of the more visible muscles as the ‘core’ when in reality the core is made up of your back/spine(erector spinae group), hip flexors (iliacus and psoas), abdomen (rectus abdominus, internal and external oblique's, tansverse abdominus and intercostals) and pelvis muscles .  They all work in conjunction with one another to create a base for which the rest of the body feeds' off of.  It supports the back, stabilizes your spine and entire trunk region. 

What does it help to have a solid ‘core’ muscle group?

When you go to throw a ball, or when you go to run that quick 100m dash, or kick that soccer ball or just about any type of movement you do your strength comes from your core muscle regions.  The core is what gives you that extra kick during those motions.  If your core muscles are weak, the rest of the body and muscles aren’t working effectively and forces the other muscle groups to take up the slack. This can lead to injuries.

A great example is when a ball player is throwing the ball in from the out field or the infielder is throwing to first base.  The motion starts in their legs, carries through their ‘core’ then up through their arm.  The core transfers the energy from the lower to upper and vice versa in the movements that you do.  if the core isn’t in good shape, the amount of energy lost can be significant causing stress elsewhere and lose of power.

Another example is for a runner.  By strengthening their core muscles they are aiding in alleviating some of the pressure that the legs have to handle. 

Think of the golfer during their swing motion. The transfer from upper body down through the lower body.  Without the core muscles working together with the rest of the body you’ll lose power in your swing which in turn reduces your ability to get the distance you might be hoping for and or the consistency in your swing.

What are some effective ways to strengthen the ‘core’ muscles?

Engage in activities that not only work on the one particular muscle group in the core region, but all of them.  Some examples include:

  • superman
  • scissor kicks
  • banana
  • medicine ball work
  • plank exercises
  • twisting torso
  • lunges with a twist
  • balance/stability ball. 
  • workout programs that are designed to work on the overall body and core muscle groups in an effective manner.

A workout program that I am using currently is Insanity by BeachBody.  A great 60 day program that is designed to engage the core muscle groups each and every workout.   The movements and motions used in Insanity help to get the core muscles to react and engage thus helping to provide excellent training for them.  

Final Thoughts

So remember, that our core is the foundation of our body.  All of our movements begin and end in the core.  We gain our strength and power through the transfer of energy between the lower and upper body and vice versa. So strengthening your core muscle group will aid in every activity (picking up a child, putting something on a shelf,  you may perform on a day to day basis, up through being an elite athlete.  A happy core means the entire body is working as a unit and will perform optimally for you when you need it.

Any questions on Insanity, I can certainly help you with that.  It is a great cardio/endurance type program that will get you in great shape in a 60 day period.  Well designed to be an effective in such a short time period.  You can follow my journey through it here on my site.  I’ve seen great results and think you can do.  The program works, your core will be engaged and you’ll be that much closer to being healthy, more fit to the everyday task that you do and ready for any sport you might plan on tackling.   It will get you an incredible ‘core’ workout like no other on the market.  Guaranteed.

Any question, contact me


Day 53/54/55 of 60 Insanity by Shaun T. and BeachBody – Max Recovery / Max Interval Circuit / CC&B

insanityImage3 I didn’t get a chance to post much on the workout’s but per usual had some fun.  Recovery was on day 53. Which got to do a Max Favorite, Max Interval Circuit Saturday for Day 54.  Last Night (Sunday) was the Core Cardio and Balance. Felt like it was a recovery weekend with these 2 workout’s surrounding the circuit workout.  Not complaining too much.  :).  Was looking at the last week ahead and see it will be a notched up a bit and really excited about that.

Video update for these 3 days (53/54/55) is here.

So Insanity Max Recovery day was hard to work in between the kids and their not sleeping so well.  Got through it, but was distracted.  That’s what we call the real world though.  You do your best and get through it as best you can.  Beyond that, the one thing that I always like to mention about recovery days is that you need to take advantage of them.  These Month 2 workouts, really can take a toll on your body.  Just depends of course, but they are in there to give you a slight break.  The body does have its limits, but we are all ‘insane’ and love to push those limits.  Fun stuff all around.

The Insanity Max Interval Circuit workout, Saturday night, was great.  Didn’t start out at 100% full steam ahead, took me till after the stretch to really feeling ready to bring it. At that point, I think it turned into a steam engine with the safety value off.  It was fun when the cylinders clicked.  If things are moving along nice, you usually do feel more like working out.  It’s about the mental game as much as the physical aspects when it comes to working out. If you aren’t in it fully mentally, you just won’t want to push yourself as you should. This is one of those exercise programs you need to be IN it to get the most out of it.  Hopefully you are bringing it each and every time. I’m glad I was able to get back into it.

It is important that you pay attention to your body and take the necessary steps to rest it, check out an ‘injury’ and not try and push through it because you can end up making it worse.  Sometimes just takes one or two days off to get things back to normal compared to weeks if you push through and really cause serious  injury.   Just my random thought of the day. :)

Entering the last week tomorrow.  Today is my rest day.  I’m excited to finish strong and find my next challenge ahead.  Think it might be time to make it even tougher. :). Any suggestions on what I should do next? Love to hear from people on some possible hybrids to try. Contact me or comment with ideas.

 Insanity is truly just that.   It works hard to bring out the  best in each of us and everyday and we are crazy enough to get back in there and  love every  minute of it.  If you feel that you are ready to try this out, let me know. I would love to help get you started.  Need to get you signed up and ready to go.  There is no better time than today.  Make today’s purpose worthwhile and break your current cycle and lets get ourselves back into shape again.  I would love to help, so contact me and let me assist you in this life changing event.  It worked for me and I know it can work for you. Keep yourself in check and be accountable.  Check out the WOWY site. It is a great place to meet people and track your daily workout.  BuddyName: KevinPrice.

KP is out! Peace!

Who is Kevin Price?

I'm just the average 'Joe' looking to keep healthy and see where it all leads.  I love to swim, bike and run.  I'd consider myself an Age Grouper Triathlete.  I got my start in getting healthy using BeachBody's products(P90x, P90x2, p90x3, T25, Insanity (original, asylum 1 & 2), Chalean Extreme, TurboFire and more) and continue to utilize in my training programs as I work towards completing multiple Triathlon Distances (70.3, olympic, sprint) as an Age Grouper Triathlete and performing effectively at Endurance based sports.  A continuous balancing act between work, family and a normal life. But if your a triathlete you already know,  you don't live a normal life.