Day 4 after Surgery - Morton's Neuroma

the weekend went good overall w/ the recovery.  Kept the foot elevated and the family did a great job keeping me from moving around alot.  so today, being day 4, was my first checkup with the doctor.  they took off the wrappings.  Note, below is a video of the removal of those wrappings.  a big ugly. As will a couple pictures :). but i think it was pretty cool so thought that I'd share it.

doctor gave a thumbs up so far on how it is progressing. No signs of infection or issues. so I am to continue keeping the foot elevated and staying off of it through the week.  And to return back for another check-up in one week.  two weeks from now will get the stiches removed.  fun stuff.  enjoy!





Hopefully that isn't too bad. Anyways, have an amazing week. "Another day to take shine bright and make the best of your world. You own it, you live it, you create it. Never settle for less than what you deserve."

Day 1 after Surgery - Morton's Neuroma

So far so good after surgery yesterday.   Looking at a 3 - 4 week time frame before i'll be back to running / biking or swimming.  Hoping all goes as planned and can be prepping for Triathlon season again.  

the surgery from what I was told went great. Was in and out pretty quick from the sound of it. I was in surgery by 7:30 or so and back home at the house by 10:30 or 11:00am if i remember correctly.  I tend to take a bit to wake up out of anesthesia.  

Slept most the day yesterday off and on.  ended up not being able to fall back asleep till around 2am.  But all good.  Foot is up and elevated. icing it as told to.  will chronicle it as I got along with the recovery.

Current impressions:

  • Took 1 pain pill late in the first day.  
  • Minimal amount of walking yesterday other than bio breaks and to get a bite to eat.



first race scheduled for May 24th, 2014.  Olympic Distance at Island Lake.  Olympic Distance for those that might not know is a  1.5 KM Swim (aka .93 miles), 40KM Ride (~24.5 miles) and a 10K run (6.2 miles).  Had been looking forward to the first official tri race all winter.  We'll see how well the healing goes and the couple weeks leading up to the race with some training runs and rides.  If everything is working as expected will do the race.   


"My life. My world.  My day is on hand to do the best that I can to weave a better future."

Heck of a training week

These past 9 days have been great.  Did the Tour Of Suffernlandria. Haven't ridden that much in ages.  My quads are sore, legs are weak, but it was good fun to finish it again.  This was also my 'transition' week between block 1 and block 2 for P90x3.  Looking forward to getting started w/ Block 2 (aka month 2).  Day 30 starts tomorrow kicking in more weights looks like.  See what comes at me each day.  One day at a time.

Also be starting back after a day of resting the legs running and at least 1 swim a week going forward upping to 2.

Having fun this winter. Not enjoying the weather but enjoying the consistency on the training.  Hoping that it pays off by the first race.


I'm ready for what is in store for me. Are you ready to challenge yourself? commit yourself to being consistent? Hope so.  



Have fun!


Tour of Sufferlandria 2014 IWBMATTKYT (indoor cycling at its best)


Another year has come and begun.  And as crazy as it is, we are already into February 2014.  Amazing how time flies. I've not had time or better put haven't make the time to make many posts.  With another new year, the Tour of Sufferlandria has come.  We are actually wrapping it up tomorow with Day 9.  It has been a quick, and agonizing 9 days I can tell you.  I will say, they have gone out of their way to create a great tour.  They stepped it up a few notches in the level of suffering from last year. With the addition of some of their newer video's it's been fun.

you can see my progress up through Day 8 at the TrainerRoad site here. They are hosting the tour again for TheSufferFest folks.

So for those that don't know exactly how the tour works. It is spread over 9 days.  A total of 11 rides this year.  On 2 seperate days there are 2 rides for that day, raising the level of intensity/suffering.  I think what i like best about doing this is the dual suffering you go through. Both the mental and physical aspects.  Mentally it's just downright draining.  Know day after day for 9 days you have to go at it again. And with the amazing mix of video's that thesufferfest has put together is icing on the cake.    And I have to give props to TrainerRoad and their amazing software they've created.  Been using it since Beta. It's got everything you need for indoor training.  A must have!


Saturday, Jan 25th
Sunday, Jan 26th
Monday, Jan 27th
Tuesday, Jan 28th
Wendesday, Jan 29th
Thursday, Jan 30th
Friday, Jan 31st
Saturday, Feb 1st
Sunday, Feb 2nd
Always a great way to jump start the season.  I'm going to need to take a couple days off after these 9 straight.  Ready to jump start back into the Triathlon training again. Can't wait.
You never know what you can accomplish till you try.  
Coming Soon the schedule for 2014 and what my training plan looks like.  Pretty Excited what 2014 has for us!

2 weeks - rev3 Cedar Point 70.3 Triathlon

Time is dwindling down till our journey comes to an end for our first ever 70.3 triathlon.  We are heading down to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio.   This will be the hardest race that I have ever attempted.  But I am looking forward to the challenge.  We have put in a lot of work, sweat and energy in training this past year for this moment. 

We did a training run of sorts this past weekend, and I realized that I have to do a few things different if I am going to be successful at simply finishing.  It was definitely well worth going through the motions and trying to simulate the 70.3.  We got through the swim, and ended up doing about 1.5 miles.  Rode 55 miles and tanked @ mile 2.5 on the run.  It was going really well up to that point, but I started to feel this sense of lightheadedness and a bit dizzy.  I immediately stopped running and started to walk and get a bit of water in (had run out already, which was a sure sign I was dehydrated) and took down a GEL as well. 

so the lesson that I learned is that I personally need more food (homemade banana muffins are a must on this one) and more water on the bike.  I only made it through 2 bottles and that was w/ about 8 miles left still.  That was another sure sign I had not hydrated enough. My training partner had suggested we stop and I get more, but I didn't heed that advice thinking I was fine. But with the heat (mid to high 80's and humidity) I underestimated my sweat rate. I won't let that happen again. 

Can't wait.  Scared but really looking to knock this one out.  Goal: to finish.




Tour of Sufferlandria - Fun Virtual Cycling Race

So over the past 9 days I did the first annual online virtual Cycling race called Tour of Sufferlandria.  This was hosted and sponsored by the folks at TrainerRoad (software to record and use during your ride) and The Sufferfest (Training videos).  Both great additions to your winter training if you train indoors on a bike trainer.  I personally use it year round now other than during race days and brick days I'll do outdoors with fellow triathletes training.

So this had 9 stages, 12 rides in all.  In the end, rode approximately 160 miles, burned nearly 7000Kcal's.  I had a blast and learned a bit more about my fitness level and self.  It was a challenge but well worth the suffering that occured.  Never thought that I would be able to ride 9 days in a row and that much.  It wasn't pretty mind you. I wasn't crazy fast or anything based on the #'s. But to me, the greatest thing was finishing; that was my goal this first time. 

Tour Schedule

If anyone is looking for something to break up the winter riding, check the 2 companies out.  Great added value between them, great way to get in shape and add to your cycling fun.  I'm looking forward to the first events of the spring season to come and see where the fitness leads me. Now to get a day or 2 of rest and get back on the 70.3 training plan!
Don't ever think that you can't accomplish something or aren't 'that' person who can be successful.  Don't ever underestimate yourself, your capabilities.  It takes one day at a time, one step at a time, to reach our goals and become the best that we can be. 
Decide. Commit. Succeed!

Downright the coldest run I've ever done

Mentally I thought I was prepared for a cold run this morning.  I've been going out for the past few weeks into the 'cold' and hasn't been too bad.  Would get bundled up in my 3 layers of shirts, the o' running tights,2 hats, and 2 pairs of gloves.  if you haven't noticed yet the trend, I really don't like to be cold.  I pack on the layers. 

I will say so far this winter, I've been fortunate that it's been somewhat tolerable, no snow storms, crazy ice, freezing rain, etc. 

So got through all of my morning running rituals.  opened the door to the garage, and if the garage wasn't already cold enough walked out into the driveway and said 'WTF!' to myself.  Was a clear sky, zero wind (luckily) but was just to me, blistering cold. A Balmy 13 degrees F.  So turned on the Garmin 910 watch, and started walking waiting for it to sync up with the satellites.  well of all the days, it took forever.  And I don't mean just felt like forever.  It took forever.  So it syncs and off I go becuase I was freezing.  I will admit that I am a pansy.  Loud and proud, I hate the cold weather. 

Took me 2+ miles of my short 3.45 mile run to get he hands fully warm.  legs had already felt alright but rest of me was just 'chilly'.  I'm really not looking forward to the longer runs if it is this cold those days. Guessing I'll warm up more those days as I continue further into the run.  Fingers crossed.

So that was my little story of my very cold run today.  I survived to run another day and will continue to press forward w/ each and every run outdoors.  I won't run on a treadmill.  No matter how cold, I'll suck it up and enjoy the outdoors.  Ask me again later if it gets closer to zero or something. I might be singing a different tune then.

Hope your day was productive and you accomplished something towards your fitness and personal goals.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Rev3 Cedar Point - September 8, 2012 & Detroit Marathon - October 20, 2013

So it is official. I have taken the plunge I have so vehemently denied for the past few years.  that I would never ever subject myself to a full marathon race.  Well, not sure what came over me, but I have signed up for the Detroit Marathon in October of this  year.  This will be 6 weeks after we do the 70.3 Triathlon race down in Ohio.  A rev3 race in Cedar Point. 

Really looking forward to the season ahead.  A bit scared of the longer races at the end of the season, but will work hard to stay consistent in training, smart in my training to stay injury free and pay attention to the body.  Lot of dedication and amazing support from the family as I dedicate the time to the training necessary to be successful in finishing the events over the entire season.

Working out what kind of plan to follow for the Detroit as well as the 70.3 race.  In the past I've haphazardly just kind of threw my training together but these are more the 'real' deal type events. If I don't put the right time in, I'm going to either get injured or not finish at all.

Look for more frequent updates about my training and fun over the next 10 months.


I wouldn't have the confidence and motivation to complete this if I hadn't started 3 years ago down the path to a healthier person.  It was that cold winter night that I made the decision to start working out (p90x by the way was that tool) and then work towards the many events I have done the past 2 years. 

Anyone can make the right decision to get healthy.  A bit of commitment and you will succeed.  I guarantee it.

Find your journey. I continue to re-write mine each and every day!

Updates Coming soon

Finally able to fix the site.  Been down for a month now and wasn't sure what I broke.  I am combining two of the sites into one.  Can still get to them both on either URL.  But It's just easier to be consistent.  I don't have a lot of time to write posts, but look forward to being more consistent going forward.

Need to pull over a few posts from the other site as well still. They'll show up in the next day or 2.


Thanks!  KP!

Race Report: Island Lake Triathlon Fall–Sprint Distance

So I’ll start by saying that this race overall kind of sucked.  Not the race company or anything like that. Element Events does a great job of organizing things; everywhere from the volunteers to the race course and everything. I’ve done 4 of their races and enjoyed all of them.

My displeasure was completely from my own performance.  I ended up about 9 seconds slower than my sprint race in the spring.  Both being in the 1 hour and 29 and some change range. The race from the start didn’t feel right. 

Comparison Below:

Island Lake Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Difference
Swim 15:52 17:53 + 2:01
T1 4:38 2:59 - 1:39
Bike 40:32 40:19 - :13
T2 2:07 1:22 - :45
Run 26:29 27:15 + :46
TOTAL 1:29:36 1:29:45 + :9


Here are the lessons learned for my particular racing style and training:

  • I am not a fan of the heat.  I don’t train in it, so I don’t know yet how to function in it properly during a race.
  • I have a morning routine that I follow before a race.  both for the sprint and Olympic distance.  I’ve been able to function well and hydrate/nutrition fine.
  • I need to learn to push through that threshold.  Get into the race mindset and go with it more
  • Learn to deal with cramps.  First time ever in a race to get one.  figure out what was caused it potentially. Happened during the bike about 4 miles in.
  • Less is more.  transitions I need to really bunker down and focus on just the things I need to get on the bike, to get out on the run.

In the end, I had a fun season of training and triathlons.  I succeeded at reaching my goals of at least doing one longer reach (Olympic distance).  I really wanted to be below 3 hours on the Olympic, and exceeded that by quite a bit. I ended at 2 hours and 50 minutes.  Everything fell into place that race on all 3 disciplines. 

One more race to go this year.  Men’s Health Urbanathon in Chicago. then back to standard training over the winter. More to come on what my plans are. Can’t wait to really get a plan together for the drive to 70.3.


Who is Kevin Price?

I'm just the average 'Joe' looking to keep healthy and see where it all leads.  I love to swim, bike and run.  I'd consider myself an Age Grouper Triathlete.  I got my start in getting healthy using BeachBody's products(P90x, P90x2, p90x3, T25, Insanity (original, asylum 1 & 2), Chalean Extreme, TurboFire and more) and continue to utilize in my training programs as I work towards completing multiple Triathlon Distances (70.3, olympic, sprint) as an Age Grouper Triathlete and performing effectively at Endurance based sports.  A continuous balancing act between work, family and a normal life. But if your a triathlete you already know,  you don't live a normal life.