Rev3 Cedar Point - September 8, 2012 & Detroit Marathon - October 20, 2013

So it is official. I have taken the plunge I have so vehemently denied for the past few years.  that I would never ever subject myself to a full marathon race.  Well, not sure what came over me, but I have signed up for the Detroit Marathon in October of this  year.  This will be 6 weeks after we do the 70.3 Triathlon race down in Ohio.  A rev3 race in Cedar Point. 

Really looking forward to the season ahead.  A bit scared of the longer races at the end of the season, but will work hard to stay consistent in training, smart in my training to stay injury free and pay attention to the body.  Lot of dedication and amazing support from the family as I dedicate the time to the training necessary to be successful in finishing the events over the entire season.

Working out what kind of plan to follow for the Detroit as well as the 70.3 race.  In the past I've haphazardly just kind of threw my training together but these are more the 'real' deal type events. If I don't put the right time in, I'm going to either get injured or not finish at all.

Look for more frequent updates about my training and fun over the next 10 months.


I wouldn't have the confidence and motivation to complete this if I hadn't started 3 years ago down the path to a healthier person.  It was that cold winter night that I made the decision to start working out (p90x by the way was that tool) and then work towards the many events I have done the past 2 years. 

Anyone can make the right decision to get healthy.  A bit of commitment and you will succeed.  I guarantee it.

Find your journey. I continue to re-write mine each and every day!

Training: 9 mile run

So started shifting my overall workouts towards running and weights (p90x2) till the race in Chicago.  Doing the Men’s Health Urbanathon (approx 10 miles) in Chicago on October 13th, 2012.  Looking forward to it.  It’s been a long while since I’ve ran 9 miles and surprisingly it went great.

I was half expecting to get hungry and thirsty during the run, but luckily I didn’t.  I’m sure it would have been beneficial had I eaten something around mile 5 or 6 and maybe had a hand water bottle to sip from. But with the weather being cooler and not as humid, I really didn’t notice it. I kept the pace nice and light as well as a well controlled heart rate. 

I started off the morning with only a homemade banana muffin and a Banana.  The two did the job.

I clocked in around 1 hour 21 minutes.  Basically a 9 min / mile pace.  Which if I continued that pace to finish a 1/2 marathon would of gotten be sub 2 hours. My end goal for the next 1/2 marathon I do will be around 1 hour 50.  We’ll see.  The first one I did 2 years ago was 2 hours and 6 minutes.  Can check out my run from Saturday at Garmin connect here:  9 mile run

One thing I’m finding is that I’ve built a great base over the past year that I’m not noticing any issues with my legs currently. Knocking on wood since I don’t want to jinx myself.  Looking forward to continued success with the run.

Another step in the direction of the Half Ironman (70.3) next year 2013. 

Workout: 10-14-10 4 Mile Run (taper week) & P90x One on One V3 ARX 2

THp90X0neonOne_12  I continue to love doing the new P90x One on ONe workouts.  I think Tony has come up with a great formula as he continues on his path to creating a Kick ARSE P90x MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2).  I’m still not near making it 100% all the way through this with the same level of effort as Tony. That’s alright by me.  The motto continues to stand now, “Do your best, forget the rest”. My abs are having fun and so am I with volume 3. 

Last night I had a 4 mile run. This is the 2nd to last run before the 1/2 Marathon in Detroit. freepmarathonlogo  So part of the 2 week taper.  It couldn’t of been a better night for a run.  And it was something right out of a movie, at least it felt that way to me.  The weather conditions were prime, a nice breeze, chilled air, street lights paced apart just enough to create the ambience right out of a horror movie. And What perfect timing for the year for Halloween. I so kept expecting to see a dark tall figure standing in the distant light or something.  Was really cool actually.  The wife was watching Bones when I left and she made a comment about being safe.  Seemed to fitting that the scene was laid out so perfectly :)

So 4 miles.  It’s getting close to race day and the nerves are picking up a bit.  I don't’ worry about the actual 13.1 miles, i worry about the body itself holding up.  I know I can run that far when my body is doing what it should. Right now, it’s not the most happy camper.  I got no excuses, I will finish this race and I will be very happy with whatever results I get.  I made a commitment to myself just over 90 days ago to train and complete a 1/2 marathon.  Time to fulfill that goal! A short 2 mile run on Saturday to complete the taper. Been doing a little Carb Loading, but I feel for myself to stick with what has worked so far.

I look forward to breaking down the past 90 day journey to my first 1/2 marathon and how TurboFire was my program of choice to getting there!  Watch for the update in the coming days!

Decide. Commit. Succeed!

Workout – 9-28-10 Tony Horton P90x 1-on-1 ARX2 and 6 Mile Run


One_300x250Yesterday I got in a great set of workouts.   Took on one of the latest Tony Horton P90x One on One workouts.  The Ab Ripper X 2, or aka  Core Killer or ARX2.   This is another in the series of workouts leading into the new P90x MC2 due out fall 2011.  I love this workout. It’s 40 minutes of core fun that really makes you focus on form.  I’ll get a review up here shortly of the full workout.  I love the quote Tony mentions from Ali in the beginning “The training begins when you can do no more”. 

Later in the evening, when everything settled down, got out for one my 3 runs this week, Nike Plus,leading up to the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October.  It was a 6 mile run.  Felt really good the first say 4 miles.  I was feeling pretty light on my feet.  Once i started getting into the 5 and 6th miles my pace began to slow a bit.  Nothing too crazy, but the weird part was I felt like i was still moving as fast.  not sure.  So ended up a bit slower on the last 2 than I had hoped but all in all a good workout!  Key was getting out there and getting the body moving and staying true to the training. Ideally i can stay consistent throughout the entire 1/2 and reach my goal of 2 hours.

Been eating relatively clean throughout the day.  Sticking with 5 meals a day, keeping the energy levels up and working towards the goals!

Stay in the game! Stick to what works for you and gets you motivated. That’s all I can ask of you and is all you should ask of yourself.  Press play and get moving, the results will come! Want any advice, help or just to chat about your workout program or where to start or how to take it to another level, check out my site or contact me.

Decide. Commit. Succeed!

Heart of a Spartan 2010 Run (thanks P90x and Insanity)


running This past Sunday(May 2, 2010) did my first ever 10k run.  Was at the Heart of a Spartan event which was it’s first year running.  There was an amazing turnout of people.  Around 1500 alone in the 10k and 2500 in the 5k event.  The support of the people, the volunteers and everyone involved made it a great event.  I ended up completing the event in 52 minutes and 17 seconds. Averaged 8:21 minute miles.  Considering I had not run this length only one other time, I felt that it went awesome. I had hoped to below 53 minutes and I did it. 

I had only run in a 5k event previously down in Dearborn (Martian) and it was an amazing experience.  Definitely different than running alone on a track or outdoors.  You have all this energy and excitement from the people around you as they get ready to partake on this amazing journey.

The 10k was wrapped around the campus of Michigan State University, my alma mater!    To set the stage, it was a pretty normal day.  The only big issue was the rain.  Now I had been training by running outdoor is somewhat ‘ideal’ weather and situations.  So running the rain was definitely a new experience for me.  One that well I have a new found respect for. It wasn’t too bad initially. One thing I will remember for next time is to not wear glasses or definitely get some contacts and wear.

The other thing is to get a better shirt one that fits tighter. it had way too much movement and caused some soreness which was very distracting throughout the race. So we live and learn and move on. But I still enjoyed the event and will be there next year as well.  Hopefully no rain. :)

So what got me motivated to get running this past winter? Simply said, my new found energy, my new found desire to continue my quest to get healthy, stay fit and challenge myself. I owe it to myself making the decision to press play, workout and eat healthy. If I hadn’t started P90x back in January of 2009 and laid down the foundation of good eating, hard work there’s not telling where I would be today.  With the added rounds of Insanity, healthy nutrition and Shakeology I’ve kept my activity levels going, my workout schedule on track and loving every minute of it.

I’m excited to keep on running and see where it goes.  It’s been fun and I hope to keep pushing myself. Each month I hope to do some sort of race, whether it be a 5k, 10k or maybe something longer down the road. Looking to up the ante with a potential Dances with Dirt event in September.  Check it out. Should be fun.

Many new products(TurboFire, Body Gospel, P90xNext, Insanity Asylum) coming down the pipe from BeachBody that are going to rock your world. More to come on those. Any questions on my journey or how I can help you reach your fitness goals and have your own journey, contact me.  It’s fun, takes dedication, but is well worth the hard work.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

My Running Adventures

KP  So this past winter I began my adventure with some light running.  I tried to stay consistent and get in about 3 days a week running on average between 2 and 4 miles each time.  I’ve continue that routinely now for about 4 or 5 months.  I have been using Nike+, can see my progress there, to keep track of my runs as well.  My original goal was to add another area of exercise to my routine and see if I felt comfortable enough with the running to do more.  About a week or so ago I ran in my first 5K.

This first run was the Martian Meteor 5K run.  It was a bit scary at first. Luckily good friend Sam was running a 1/2 marathon that day which made it a bit easier chatting with him pre-run time.  It was a staggeringly cold morning I will say.  At least for me.  That was the first time that I had run anything outdoors.  I’d not once step foot on the pavement to see how my body would react, if at all differently. I’d been running on the indoor track at the local high school each morning in a wonderfully controlled environment. :)  My results can be seen here directly for the overall.


My results were pretty good. I ended up running the 5K in 24:57 minutes. Averaged 8:02 minute miles.  In the end came in 7th overall for my age group and 51st overall.  First time out was very satisfied with the results.  It was definitely a new experience.  Sitting at the starting line, was back in the pack more and had to do some maneuvering to get out into open space to actually get moving initially and get into a rhythm.  I would consider getting more to the front in the future, but not right out in front.

My 2nd run is coming up.  Heart of A Spartan in East Lansing, Michigan. My Alma Mater, Michigan State University is where the run will be done.  I will be upping the ante this time around and running a 10K.  Figured I should be able to make that distance, even though have only yet to run it once.  But have faith that I can certainly get through it.  Whether I can keep a satisfactory pace we shall see. Goal is to finish under an hour, but looking closer to 50-53 minutes as a time that I will be happier with. 

I’ll be updating after the race with how it goes.  Sticking to a plan and hopefully executes well.  I will say that me doing any running wouldn’t be possible without doing the BeachBody Insanity program and continuing to stick with my workout program. Contact me if interested or have any questions.

Decide.Commit. Succeed. 

Who is Kevin Price?

I'm just the average 'Joe' looking to keep healthy and see where it all leads.  I love to swim, bike and run.  I'd consider myself an Age Grouper Triathlete.  I got my start in getting healthy using BeachBody's products(P90x, P90x2, p90x3, T25, Insanity (original, asylum 1 & 2), Chalean Extreme, TurboFire and more) and continue to utilize in my training programs as I work towards completing multiple Triathlon Distances (70.3, olympic, sprint) as an Age Grouper Triathlete and performing effectively at Endurance based sports.  A continuous balancing act between work, family and a normal life. But if your a triathlete you already know,  you don't live a normal life.