Day 7 – 10 of 365 (2020) – Presence and Engaged

You learn as the days go by, that it’s amazing how you feel after being consistent. And diligent and engaged and present in what you are doing. Whether it is fitness, health, eating, family, friends, work, learning it all plays out the same way.

Workouts (Always in the morning before anyone wakes up and currently holding time to 1 hour)

  • I got in 2 additional runs of 25 minutes. These are treadmill runs. I’m actually finding it isn’t too bad right now. I’m guessing as i get closer to that hour mark, it will start to be harder to stay mentally focused. But that is what a good book, podcast or movie is for.
  • I got in my steps for each day. A couple days was shy of the 15k goal. You learn, it is truly hard walking that many steps with the rest of life happening around you. It is a very conscious effort.
  • Continue the weight training. Been using Lift4 from Beachbody. It’s very focused and I’m also throwing in a couple extra ones that i like.
  • continue to do a core workout daily, if not 3 days a week for sure.

I’m having fun. It’s been a couple years. Beyond some shoulder surgery, it’s all in the mindset. It’s taken a while to get back that hunger. But it is alive and kicking.