Day 6 of 365 (2020) – Doing What’s Necessary

Today was a long day. My day starts @ 3am. The proverbial early bird gets the warm mentality. I don’t recommend that for most. But when I go into work this is my start time. What does that mean? Means, I get my workouts in early. I get things done around the house. I take the doggo for her walk. And I get myself ready to go for the day.

So workout.

  • Nothing complex. ~30 minutes on treadmill. ~25 of those were running at a slow pace. Just like every other muscle, the heart is one to. Go slow to go fast was something told to me long time ago. You have to build up that muscle among all the others.
  • Got in 21k+ steps yesterday.
  • Run my kids off ice for hockey. One of my highlights to see these young men hopefully taking seriously their futures and doing what is necessary to become better hockey players.

I don’t know about you, but I cherish each and everyday. I heard something that really hit home.

  • “Your not old. Your blessed. Put your hand to your chest. Feel that? that is your heart beating. you are blessed with another day. Cherish it and use it wisely”