Day 4 of 365 (2020) – Baby Steps

First of many days to come of running/walking

  • I got in 17k+ steps for the day
  • I got in a 27 minute walk/run on the treadmill.
    • This will be a common occurrence over the next few months. Unless the days warm up enough, the treadmill and myself will become close friends. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.
      • It will take some time for this old body to get the legs and stuff truly in the mode of running. But I like it so far.

Not much to say other than I continue my journey. I will have good days, I will have bad days and it’s part of the program. As humans we can take what we are given on any given day and you make a decision on where to go with it. Keywords are wrapped around ‘you’ and ‘decision’ and that you are empowered to take your life in whatever direction that fits your game plan. More to come!