Day 2 of 365 (2020) – Simple But consistent

Rolled into day 2 of the year with a general feeling of commitment. I didn’t just start this commitment as a New Year Resolution. I’d already been working out consistently. But I felt that this is a great way to continue that momentum.

  • 30 minutes on treadmill. Ramping up the speed with the incline.
  • Got 16k+ steps for the day overall.
  • Trained an 06 hockey team with their off ice.
    • This was the highlight of my day. To be honored with having that bestowed upon me to help these kids reach their goals. It’s interesting to see who has and who doesn’t have that motivation to play at a level of hockey that they have been given a great opportunity to do. All I can do is hopefully get them to see that with gains in their on ice from the off ice work.

Have a strong day!